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Garage Requirements

PLAN REQUIREMENTS - GARAGE for Building Permit Application City of Breckenridge, MN


  1. Show lot with all buildings located in position, with all dimensions shown. (lot size, setbacks, building dimensions)
  2.  Show proposed foundation elevation in reference to curb elevation.


  1. Show location, size, type and construction of all footings and/or foundations.
  2. Show size and location of foundation anchor bolts.


  1. Provide a dimensioned floor plan.

 DETAILS:     (Provide all details necessary to accurately show proposed construction.)

  1.  Provide details showing structural support (posts and beams); wall framing; roof/ceiling framing. Indicate size and type of headers.
  2.  Indicate all structural bracing. 
  3. Provide a typical exterior wall section from footing through roof showing structural components; insulation, (type, thickness and “R” value); vapor retarder; exterior sheeting; roof sheeting; roof covering; and attic ventilation.
  4.  Indicate any required fire resistive construction.
  5.  If pre-engineered truss systems are to be used, provide a copy of the manufacturers certified layout.


Selected Code Data for Garage Construction



  1. Normal front setback is 20 feet from lot line. (In some cases the existing setback line established along a block is used.)
  2. Normal side yard setback is 5 feet from lot line to eaves.


  1.  The bottom of footings on attached garages must be 5 feet below finished ground line.


  1.  Garages attached to dwellings require one layer of 5/8” type X gypsum board on the garage side of the common wall from the foundation to the bottom of the roof sheathing; or on the exposed protecting to the roof sheathing, all structural elements that support the ceiling must also be protected.
  2. Doors between garages and dwellings must be 1-3/8” solid wood or 20 minute fire rated metal, and are required to be self closing. Windows are not allowed in the door.


  1. When Curb & Gutter needs to be cut for driveway installations, the entire section of Curb & Gutter must be removed and replaced with a new gutter section.



  1. The front of a detached garage is required to be 20 feet from a street line, or 18 feet from an avenue or alley line it faces.
  2. Normal side yard setback is 5’ from lot line to eave. (Detached garages and storage sheds in the rear year of single 44.3 foot lots are allowed to be 3 feet from the side lot line.)


  1. A floating slab is allowed for detached garages and storage sheds. (10 feet between buildings required.)


  1. See Above.