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The Breckenridge Family Aquatic Center boasts a state-of-art pool, 28' tower water slide, small water slides, water basketball, splash pool with fun fountains & water jets, zero level entry making it handicapped accessible, green areas for sun tanning and picnicking, & a concession stand. Season is June through August

For more information CLICK HERE

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Jazmin Rall- Mural on brick wall DN Photo 06 28 22.jpg

2022: Jazmin Rall, Breckenridge High School student, has painted a mural on a brick wall  located by Angelique's Arbor, 105 5th Street North. The mural is a girl holding a butterfly representing hope.

Youngbird Art 07-18-23 4.JPG

2022: Laura Youngbird received a $10,000.00 Grant from 4 Ground Projects in the Midwest.  The sculpture is located at Headwaters Park at 46 Minnesota Ave where the confluence of the 3 rivers is located. More Information HERE

Breckenridge Business Directory is a list of local goods and services in our community. Breckenridge has a wide variety of businesses here to serve you. CLICK HERE for just some of the local businesses right here in Breckenridge, MN.

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Campsite 8 - 2.jpeg

NEW camper/RV spots in Welles Memorial Park. Electric & water hook-ups are installed throughout the park. Campground reservation are available through City Hall (218)643-1431. CLICK HERE for more information and photos of sites.

Breckenridge Church Directory is a list of local religious worships in our community. 

CLICK HERE to find a local church right here in Breckenridge. 

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Community Information

Breckenridge, Minnesota on the beautiful prairie of the Red River Valley of the North, is a unique small city. It's located on the Headwaters of the Red River of the North, the longest North-flowing River in the United States, flowing 549 miles to Lake Winnipeg, Canada, and from there to Hudson Bay. No novel or TV series could be as interesting as the history and development of Breckenridge and the adventurous people who risked their lives to settle this land. The land now occupied as Breckenridge was originally inhabited by the Dakota (Sioux) and Ojibwa (Chippewa) Indian nations. Countless herds of buffalo roamed the area. In 1851, Indian treaties opened up this land for settlement.

CLICK HERE for pictures of the City from 1873 to 2008.

Breckenridge is a "Historic Riverboat & Railroad Town".

Main Street 1918.jpg

Disc Golf Course

Main Sign from Jeff Lofberg.JPG

Breckenridge Headwaters 9 hole disc golf course is located in Welles Memorial Park, at 101 Nebraska Avenue.  

Q: What is Disc (Frisbee) Golf? 

A: It is a game in which a Disc (Frisbee) is thrown into each of a series of metal baskets on an outdoor course, the object being to complete the course using the fewest possible throws. 

Disc Golf Course Score Card

Disc Golf Course Map

Free Disc Set Rental available at City Hall, 420 Nebraska Avenue

Elementry School.jpg

CLICK HERE to find out more information on Breckenridge private and public schools. 

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Breckenridge residents and visitors have access to fishing year round!  Breckenridge has many prime locations for anglers to "Get Their Line Wet".  

Fishing Platforms Map HERE

River and Riverbank Fishing Reminders: *Be aware and mindful of the current *Don't forget your license 

Ice Fishing Reminders: *Double check the ice thickness *Spread out houses and people *Be mindful of propane dangers *Don't forget your license 

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Bois De Sioux Golf Course

18 Holes of Golf on a 2 State Course. The only course in the United States that has 9 holes in North Dakota and 9 holes in Minnesota! It's where the grass is always greener on both sides of the river!


CLICK HERE for more information.

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Ranges are Rifle, Pistol, Trap, Skeet, Five Stand and Archery. Facility provides members and guests a place to enjoy your sport. 

CLICK HERE for more information.

St. Francis Hospital.jpg

CLICK HERE for a list of local healthcare facilities in our community. 

CLICK HERE for a list of local happenings in our community. 


Wilkin County Museum

704 Nebraska Ave

Hours: Tues, Wed, & Thur

from 1:30- 4pm. 

Free will donation. Yearly & Lifetime Memberships are available.

For more information call (218)643-1303 or Click Here for Website

Parks and Shelters

From getting back to nature or playing with children Breckenridge has it all. Breckenridge has 10+ parks to choose from whether you are looking for playground equipment, basketball and softball courts, swings, fishing,  picnic shelter, disc golf course or baseball diamonds. CLICK HERE FOR LIST

For shelter reservation call (218)643-1431 


1400 Beede Ave

A Game for Everyone! 

Free Paddle & Ball Rental Available at City Hall, 420 Nebraska Ave, Breckenridge

Donations are still needed! For more information contact City of Breckenridge (218)643-1431 or donation HERE.


Pickleball Courts DONE 06 12 20.jpg

205 North 7th Street

Breckenridge library is a branch of the Lake Agassiz Regional Library. Over 20,000 items available for check out. Books, magazines, movies, CDs & much more available in many formats.

CLICK HERE for more information 

or call (218)643-2113

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Enriching, Education, Empowering....

Breckenridge Community Education is about learning... at any age. We offer learning opportunities for all ages through a variety of programs and classes.

Click Here for more information

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The Red River Riders Saddle Club & Arena is located on Highway 75 & County Road 14, south of Breckenridge, MN. We are an active group of equestrians developing and promoting fellowship amongst horse lovers. Annually, June through August, we host weekly fun horse shows at our arena, on Thursday evenings starting at 7:00 PM.


Stan Goldade- Ottertail river.JPG

Fishing to Relaxing

Breckenridge is located on the famed Red River of the North. The Bois de Sioux and Otter Tail rivers merge here and offer the opportunity for fishing and canoeing. A unique feature of the area is the country club which has nine holes situated in each state of Minnesota and North Dakota.


We invite you to come to our center and join us in the games, giggles & entertainment that the center has to offer. The friendships that will acquire are an added bonus of the center. 
Healthy Meals Served at Center: Monday & Friday at 11 a.m. and on Tues, Wed, & Thurs at Noon 

CLICK HERE for more information. 


Senior Center.jpg

CLICK HERE for a list of local youth programs and service groups in our community. 


Twin Town Skatepark - 630 6th Street North, Breckenridge

Located at 630 6th Street North in Breckenridge. Our mission is to bring a high quality, well-designed skatepark to the Wahpeton/Breckenridge area for people of all ages & all skill levels.

For more information ~ Click Here or contact City Hall (218)643-1431


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Twin Town Skatepark Concept (3).jpg
Veterans Park 05 28 18.JPG

Honor Our Veterans and their Families

With the City’s ability to acquire a rare AH-1 Cobra Attack Helicopter that was actually used during the Vietnam War, the idea of a park to honor all the men and women who have, and currently still do, serve and protect our country.  For inquiries to purchase a memorial brick CLICK HERE or call (218)643-1431.

Veterans Park 9 bricks.jpg

Breckenridge has a variety of trails and paths throughout the city. 

  • Trails provide opportunities for increased physically activity.  Research shows exercise and being outside can improve mood and overall health. Building a better community!

  • Trails promote economically vital communities, and alternative modes of transportation. Allowing all ages to travel safely.

  • Trails have been considered one of the most important amenities for potential homeowners when moving into a community.

  • Trails provide a valuable amenity that can increase housing values.

  • Trails revitalize neighborhoods.

  • Trails can build or add more to local businesses with pedestrian traffic and visitor interest.

Bicycle Maintenance Station & Air Pump


Trails Map.jpg
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