Joel Hoistad- Building Official
420 Nebraska Ave
Breckenridge, MN 56520


Cell Phone: 701-403-9537

Phone: 218-643-1431

Fax: 218-643-1173

mail to:

Building Officials duties:

  • Issues all building permits, sign permits, sidewalk permits, etc.

  • Inspects construction projects to insure all codes are being met.

  • Answers zoning questions including floodplain issues.

  • Answer questions regarding setbacks.

  • Can help with property lines on new City developments, otherwise a homeowner must contact a surveyor.

Building Permits

All construction in the City limits require a building permit (example: roofing, siding, interior structural changes, etc.). 


  • Painting, cabinets, papering, floor covering and similar finish work.

  • Sheds or storage buildings that are 200 sq. ft. or less.

  • Window inserts and window replacement of same size

  • Doors

  • Decks less than 30 inches above ground and not attached.

  • Private sidewalks

  • Fences 7 feet tall or less.

Fees are based on a fee schedule set by the City Council.

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