OFFICE:  218-643-4681

FAX: 218-643-1173


Breckenridge Public Utilities

420 Nebraska Ave
Breckenridge, MN 56520

Open: Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm

Emergency Service: Weekdays after 5, weekends & holidays call (218)643-5506

Public Utilities Department


Director of Public Service

Neil Crocker

Electric Line Crew
Brian Wika, Foreman
Jim Weatherstone
Troy Green


Water/Wastewater Distribution
Curt Berg, Foreman
Amy Haugen

Wade Bischoff


Office Staff
Laurie Christensen, Finance Officer

Lori Gefre, Billing Clerk


Water Treatment Plant

Jeff Kugler

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Services & Utilities

Breckenridge Public Utilities services electric, water and sewer to the City of Breckenridge. Because the city has its own municipal utilities, it is able to maintain electrical usage rates among the lowest in the state. The Municipal Utilities is governed by a five-member commission.

Public Utilities Rates

Customer Service Policy


Breckenridge has two wells which receive water from the Wahpeton Buried Valley Aquifer. The City has a 1.3 million gallon storage capacity including the water plant and water tower. The new water plant is currently capable of producing 1 million gallons per day. The plant is more than capable of meeting the cities current peak demand of 775,000 gallons. Current daily usage averages approximately 250,000 GPD in the winter and approximately 450,000 GPD in the summer months. The city has a sewage lagoon system consisting of five cells covering 121 acres. The sewage treatment plant has a capacity of 1,000,000 gallons/day. The average demand is 400,000 gallons with a peak demand that can exceed 650,000 GPD.

2019 Drinking Report 

Wellhead Protection Plan


The City of Breckenridge has a municipal electric utility with power being purchased from the Department of Energy and Missouri River Energy Services.

2019 Breckenridge Power Supply Mix

100% Renewable- Renewable Energy Certificate Form

Electric System Study & Capital Improvements Plan

Electrical Circuit Upgrade Project Bid Information

Electrical Distribution System Upgrade Project

Street Light

To report a street light out call (218)643-4681. If possible, have the pole number for accuracy. Click here for example

Natural Gas

Breckenridge is serviced by Great Plains Natural Gas Company 877-267-4764.


Garbage is provided by an independent contractor.  Area garbage contractors are:  Waste Management 701-642-8403, Fraedrich Transport, Inc. 701-642-2262 and T&G Sanitation 701-242-8206.

Breckenridge Public Utilities Commissioners

Dennis Larson, President

Gordon Martinson, Vice President

Glen Rakow, Secretary

Russel Graves

Nate Summerville

Breckenridge Public Utilities Commission meetings are open to the public & are held on the first & third Monday of each month at 2 pm in the City Hall, Council Chambers.

Breckenridge Public Utilities Commission Meeting Minutes: 

01-21-20 Minutes

01-27-20 Minutes

02-03-20 Minutes

02-18-20 Minutes

03-02-20 Minutes

04-06-20 Minutes

04-20-20 Minutes

05-04-20 Minutes

05-18-20 Minutes

06-01-20 Minutes

06-15-20 Minutes

07-06-20 No Meeting

07-20-20 Minutes

08-03-20 Minutes

08-17-20 Minutes

09-08-20 Minutes

09-21-20 Minutes

09-16-19 Minutes

10-07-19 Minutes

10-21-19 Minutes

11-04-19 Minutes

11-18-19 Minutes

12-02-19 Minutes

12-16-19 Minutes

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