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Public Works

Neil Crocker - Director of Public Service

Corey Haugen- Foreman
Warren Niesche - Forester /Certified Tree Inspector

Tom Reddy

Trevor Brandt

Mark DeFries

Hugh Zajac

Shop address:  1330 Minnesota Avenue

Mailing address: 420 Nebraska Avenue, Breckenridge, MN 56520
City Hall phone: 218-643-1431


Departments’ duties & responsibilities:

  • Maintaining of the streets, parks, flood protection portions, alleys, parking lots, storm sewers

  • Diseased trees and boulevard trimming

  • Snow removal and sanding

  • Mowing and blacktopping


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 Spring/Summer/ Fall 


ALLEY RESTRICTIONS EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 7, 2024: Beginning February 7th, due to the current "spring like weather conditions" and until further notice, weight restrictions are imposed to alleys in Breckenridge. Due to spring wet conditions, heavy weight vehicles cannot go thru alleys. Place your garbage receptacle street side.

ALLEY RESTRICTIONS will be LIFTED as of Monday, May 6, 2024. Beginning Monday, May 6th place your garbage receptacle at its normal pick up location.

Grass Clipping & Leaf Drop Off Site

is located at Pope Street turn south at Favorites Deli off Minnesota Ave. (No bags, cardboard boxes or branches) **Please do NOT pile up on ground, ONLY use the bins. If the bins are not out yet, due to wet grounds, please take to Tree Branch Drop Off Site. Click here for MAP

Tree Branch Drop Off Site

is located 3 miles north on Highway 9, turn right after the Head of the Red Trap Club, 3/4 mile to the east, site is on right side. **ONLY tree branches, leaves & grass clippings (pile located past trees, to the west) **Do NOT pile leaves & grass clippings in the tree pile. Use pile located past trees, to the west. *NEW* YOU NOW NEED A KEY TO ENTER the Tree Branch Drop Off Site, due to illegal dumping. Stop by City Hall to pick up a key Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm. Click here for MAP


This can end up in the storm drain & become an added expense for all of us.

Weeds & Grass:

Property Owners/Residents and Business Owners, it is YOUR responsibility to take care of the weeds and grass on your property.

Any weeds and/or grass growing greater than six inches in height are a nuisance. (Chapter §161-3: City of Breckenridge Ordinance) To report a Nuisance: Fill out this form or call the Building Official at (218)643-1431

Tree Removal Policy: Approved 9/21/20 

Trees that are in the boulevard (within 17 feet as measured perpendicular to the street or avenue, from the back of the curb to the front of the tree), or are between the curb and sidewalk, if a sidewalk exists, are the property of the City. Neither residents nor contractors are permitted to cut or remove any tree that is in the boulevard without first getting approval from authorized City personnel. Trees within the boulevard that are diseased or dying, are damaged by an act of nature, or are deemed an emanate threat to property (as determined by authorized City personnel) will be removed by City personnel at no charge to the resident. Residents are permitted to prune trees that are in the boulevard adjacent to their own property provided that the pruning is for the betterment of the tree. If a resident has any questions or concerns regarding any trees on their boulevards, they should contact City Hall at 218-643-4681. (Chapter §174: City of Breckenridge Ordinance)



Vector control spraying normally begins towards the end of May. Spraying will take place in the evenings twice per week and might be more frequent if needed. As always, weather plays a critical role in how and when we spray. Spraying usually takes place in the evenings but can also take place in the early morning depending on wind direction and other weather related circumstances.

Every year we are reminded of these pesky insects that ruin the comfort of the outdoors. So, instead of letting mosquitoes impose on our summer events, let’s ALL help in keeping them to a minimum. Check around your property for these top breeding sites: clogged gutters, blocked downspouts, open trash cans, toys, pools, buckets, bird baths, yard novelties, boats & kayaks, plant saucers, pet water bowls, tires, or any other places that hold water.

In the battle against mosquito's, we all have to do our part. By reducing breeding sites on your property, you are not only protecting you and your family, but also your neighbors and your community.

In 2019 we purchased two new electric sprayers that are almost totally silent. This allows us flexibility to spray in the mornings without creating any disturbance.


Local information regarding the current river level, phone numbers, sandbags, volunteering, announcements and more. 


Mailbox Damage due to Snow Removal

There is a possibility of damage to mailboxes due to snow removal on City streets especially when there is heavy snowfall.  Please click here for the City’s SNOW REMOVAL AND ICE CONTROL POLICY for specific information on mailbox damage which is highlighted in yellow.  Please contact Director of Public Services, Neil Crocker at 218-643-4681 if your mailbox has been damaged by direct contact with the snow removal equipment. 

Winter Parking Notice

No person shall park, place or leave any vehicle on any street or avenue in the City of Breckenridge, MN, on any day between November 1st—April 1st, in between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. Whenever the parking of such vehicle on such street or avenue will interfere with street cleaning or snow removal, Police will tow any and all vehicles that are parked on the streets in violation of the ordinance. (Chapter §180-6: City of Breckenridge Ordinance)

Recycling through Wilkin County 

Wilkin County Recycling Program consists of 10 drop-off recycling bins located in each of the 8 communities in Wilkin County.  Newsprint, Plastic Bottles, Tin and Aluminum Cans, and Glass Containers can be recycled in these containers.

Wilkin County also operates a Recycling Facility for the collection and processing of recycling materials.

Materials that can be recycled at the facility include; Newsprint, Plastic Bottles, Tin and Aluminum Cans, Glass Containers, Cardboard, Telephone Books, Magazines, Office Paper, Tires, Used Oil and Oil Filters, Vehicle Batteries, Fluorescent Bulbs and Appliances

Location of Recycling Facility
Highway 75 and 7th Street South, Breckenridge

For more information call (218)643-5815 or visit

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