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Electrical Distribution System & Substation Infrastructure

Map- Full.jpg

Project Overview

*The distribution system is aged and much of it is nearing “end of life”

*Two of the three substations are at their end of life expectancy

*Build two new substations where each is capable of carrying the demand load and eliminate the third (Water Plant) substation.

*Increase the distribution voltage from 4160/2400VAC to 12470/7500VAC

*Replace all distribution transformers to accommodate new voltage level

*Overhead distribution service should be converted to underground

*Develop a strategic plan that can accomplish the CIP over the next 10 – 15 years

*Total proposed estimated cost - $15.4 million dollars.

Street Repair Process

A 2016 assessment of every street and avenue in the city of Breckenridge was updated in the summer of 2023 by an engineering firm (Widseth, Smith and Nolting).  The assessment was very thorough and produced a map that is color coded for ease of understanding.  The map shows each street and avenue in the city with an assigned color and a number rating.  The Map Key in the upper right-hand corner shows seven different colors with a description for each.  Each street and avenue is not only color coded but is scaled on a 1 to 6 with 6 being the worse/gravel road.

Black –1-  Nearly New

Navy Blue – 2 -Minor Overlay

Sky Blue – 2.5 - Minor Overlay with Leveling Course

Lime Green – 3 - Major Overlay

Forest Green – 3.5 - Major Overlay with Leveling Course

Yellow – 4 - Reclaim

Pink – 6 – Gravel

The effort is to keep as many 2.5’s and 3’s from becoming 3.5 and 4’s.  This is why you are seeing some streets getting repaved even though other streets are in worse condition.  Those streets in yellow are needing quite a bit more repair.  This map is considered a guideline, but there may be some circumstances where some deviation from the map may be warranted based on current observations and possible water/sewer repairs under the roads.

Overall, Widseth, Smith and Nolting estimated over $10.5 million in repairs are needed.  While we would like to repair everywhere, we are limited to funding.  The City will need to Bond for this debt and will make approximately $5 million dollars in repairs.  The City will utilize $2 million in reserves and will bond $3 million. 

An updated map of the roads that will be repaired in 2024 will posted soon. 

If you have specific questions, feel free to attend a council meeting or call City Hall at 218-643-1431.

Neil Crocker, Director of Public Services                                                    Lori Conway, City Administrator

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