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To ensure you’re included on the listing and map, your registration must be received no later than Thursday, May 9th (below or at City Hall).


A listing of addresses & map of the location and dates of each sale will be available here and Facebook Event. Hard copies will be also available at City Hall beginning Monday, May 13th. 


If you would like to participate for FREE: Fill out the form below or fill out the coupon on THIS FLYER and return to Breckenridge City Hall, 420 Nebraska Ave, Breckenridge, MN 56520 on or before Thursday, May 9th, 2024.


Questions? Call: (218)643-4681 or Email:

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2024 Address
BOTH Fri. & Sat
411 NP Court
1411 Mendenhall Avenue
208 5th Street North
254 Wegener Drive
114 9th Street North
1115 Main Street
1512 Chet Drive
521 Oregon Avenue
708 6th Street South
332 5th Street North
219 7th Street North
317 16th Street North
942 Main Street
413 8th Street North
330 9th Street South
275 Wegener Avenue
415 Siemers Court

520 7th Street North
232 Main Street
430 11th Street North
227 7th Street North
222 Fairway Court
114 16th Street North

Friday ONLY
111 2nd Street North
221 10th Street North
203 Oak Street

Saturday ONLY
Senior Center- 225 5th St. S.
325 9th Street North
312 9th Street North
120 8th Street North
920 Main Street
203 9th Street North
632 12th Street North
210 16th Street North

2024 Spring Rummage Sale-Lising Map.jpg
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Please include my rummage sale in the listing and map. 

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